Hello and welcome to The Social Media Cloud.

Well the website is finished! Welcome to our brand new website and our Blog! My name is Alice Sposito and I will be running all of the online side of The Social Media Cloud. Since I will be writing a few blog posts a month about the business, as well as some useful social media tips, I thought I better introduce myself and the business.

I’ve grown up in a social media age, using social media for me is an everyday norm, not only that but I love to sing and when I was a 14 year old girl who loved singing in her room into her hairbrush, it’s hard to get noticed. I needed a way to push myself out there and what better place to start than the big wide online world of social media. Through targeting myself as a brand through various social media platforms I have now built myself a successful reputaion as a musician, regularly playing gigs all over Devon and Cornwall as well as getting work singing at weddings and functions. I have be noticed by the likes of X-factor and the Voice and was able to be voted in to play on the MTV stage through an online poll. Ever since discovering just how much social media can increase your presence online and everyday (as a singer/songwriter for me) I’ve been interested in discovering just how it works and how to use social media platforms to help increase user interaction with online pages of all genres. I started to learn more right from my GCSE’s, GCSE Media Studies being my favourite subject. Then onto getting an A – Level in Media and now I’m currently studying for my BA (hons) Degree in Contemporary Media Practice.

I’ve started The Social Media Cloud with my business partner Michael Mann, together working on delivering quality online social media services for businesses. Many people don’t realise the power that social media has to really grow a business because it’s not just about putting a post up and paying to advertise it, theres so so much more. Follow me and The Social Media Cloud on our journey as a business, I will be posting useful business social media tips in the following weeks as well as updates on what we’re doing. Join us for the ride, it’s going to be a good one!

~ Alice

The Social Media Cloud



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