Getting started on a new social media platform is always daunting, not getting enough interest in your page can be disheartening but not to fear, there are ways you can boost your engagement on a new page. Today I’m going to share with you a tip for Twitter and Facebook that will help boost your pages engagement right from day one!

  • Follow, Follow, Follow! – The best way to get a good engagement from an online audience on twitter is to follow everyone who is relevant for your business. Setting up a twitter account for a letting agents for example, make sure you follow every landlord and Tennant who has twitter in your city.
  • Share, Share, Share! – The best way to get your initial views and likes up on a Facebook page is to share content from other pages similar to your own. For example if you’re setting up a Interior Design Facebook page share a video like ‘Top 10 tips to make your house feel more homely’ These sort of videos can be found on pages similar to the one you’re trying to create.

Stay tuned for more Social Media tips, tricks and hacks in future posts!



~ The Social Media Cloud