No matter what you sell or who you sell it to, using social media will help you grow your business. Here are a few reasons why social media is so vital in todays online world.

1. Social media will create relationships between business and consumer. When done right, the interaction you will achieve by having various social media platforms for you business will strengthen the bond between business and consumer, making your business a more appealing choice for consumers. No matter what the business or what you sell, having a friendly, approachable and professional online social media presence will show potential customers that you’re more than just a business, your a person, a familiar face they can return too. Growing these customer bonds, creates long lasting customers.

2. Online reviews make a trusted name for your business. Not only can social media create bonds between your business and customers but it’s a platform for your happy customers to give amazing feedback on your businesses great services. Leaving great reviews for future customers to read through. If a bad review is ever written, it won’t be visible until an admin has reviewed it, giving your business chance to resolve the issue and turn a unhappy customer into a happy one.

3. Social media posts to drive targeted traffic. Correctly-placed social media posts make all the difference. Posting at the right time and in the right places can dramatically increase the user drive to your businesses page/website, here The Social Media Cloud, we target your businesses chosen demographic as well as other vital users therefore brining in the publicity and the customers.

4. Social media links boosts your site’s SEO. Driving traffic from different areas of the web through social media targeted marketing, will help boost your businesses websites SEO. The more interconnected your businesses online social media presence is, the more it’s searched for, the rankings on google increase. Meaning just having variety of social media platforms for your business boosts your businesses search results.

5. Consumers feel connected and share amongst friends. Having an active, up to date social medial presence means that consumers will connect and follow your business for the interesting content you post, meaning you can advertise through their friends for free. For example; Sarah has 400 friends on Facebook, she shares your latest post, not only does that post go to all of your followers but to Sarah’s 400 friends too – your customers are advertising for you all due to your positive online presence. This may also bring new customers to you who you wouldn’t before directly advertise too.

6. Customer Loyalty. A report published by Texas Tech University found that businesses with active social media profiles have loyal customers. When you’re increasing business to consumer engagement and interaction on social media you become noticed as a unified group of people who share a vision instead of a profit making business.

7. Crush the competition. Your competitors are getting online, so you should too. Social media is also a fairly level playing field, obviously there will be some businesses with bigger budgets to pay for advertsing however, it’s not always needed, following our steps and having fresh professionally tailored content for your social media will generate just as much traffic for your business if not more than just clicking that ‘promote’ button on Facebook and paying for results.

8. Solidify your brand. Continuity online is a must becuase creates a stronger image for your business. Using the same logo for all your social media platforms creates that familiar face that customers will return too. In turn this will also strengthen the reputation your business has online, having a ascetically pleasing logo that reflects your business will reinforce your businesses brand. If you need help with a logo, if you need a new one designed or amendments made to an existing logo, The Social Media Cloud can also help you create your businesses logo.

Here at The Social Media Cloud, we want to help you and your business achieve a successful online social media presence, if you have any questions or would like to find out more:

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